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Students Respond to Lands' End Email

Park School Paper Club
Brookline, MA

Jan 24, 2013 — Dear Mr. Huber and Lands' End,

Thank you so much for taking the time to email us back about our petition. We like you and your clothing, but you may get more customers if you were even more green with your catalogs!

We also like the app you created to get the catalogs on your phone, the one problem is you need to spread the word, and we can help you if you agree to do some of our ideas!

We really love that Lands’ End has small catalogs and we encourage you to keep doing that. We also like that you have 10% recycled paper content. That is great, but a higher amount of recycled paper still wouldn’t

We have other ideas that are in our petition that we hope you like and would use for your company and catalogs. We would appreciate it if you consider our thoughts and help save our planet in all these ways. You will be a leader to all other catalog companies if you would do this!

Best regards ,
Priya, Abby, Aria


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