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Edgar Huber’s response

Edgar Huber
CEO and President of Lands' End

Jan 18, 2013 — What wPark School Catalog Cancelling Club:

Thank you for reaching out to us. We always welcome customer concerns, and Lands’ End is committed to making a conscious effort to create more sustainable ways for consumers to shop.

In 2004, we began an initiative to reduce overall US catalog paper consumption by more than 50% by sending smaller catalogs to better defined customer segments based on customer preferences. To reduce catalog mailings, Lands’ End is now using more email and social media in our marketing efforts. We also produce smaller, more targeted catalogs and segmented mailing lists so that customers receive more personalized mailings. Furthermore, the catalogs that are mailed contain at least 10% post-consumer recycled content.

Customers are also given convenient options for limiting the catalogs they receive such as the Lands’ End eCatalog app that gives consumers the option to help reduce paper consumption by downloading the catalog on their iPad or iPhone.

Additionally, Lands’ End has stopped sending a catalog with every box it ships. Now, we include a catalog only if the customer has not previously received it. Eliminating duplicate catalog mailings has significantly cut down on unnecessary resources.

While these examples are just a few of the many things we are doing at Lands’ End, you can learn more about our efforts to reduce the impact on the environment at

Edgar Huber
CEO & President, Lands’ End