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Please Allow Cameron Whiteside, or a small group of people, to take care of the hillside Cross

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Arvo Kannisto, a World War II Veteran, created this cross in 1981 as a symbol of love for those who didn't make it back after the War.

THE CROSS TO THE COMMUNITY: People who grew up and lived near this cross have enjoyed it as a landmark for over 30 years. Many have commented that pilots use this cross as a landmark and people have used it to find their way around St. Francis, Skyhawk and Santa Rosa, California. Young people who have grown up below the cross want it to stay and have future generations enjoy it as they have. The cross on the hillside adds character to the community and stands out. Without it, there is just a bare plot of land.

WHY THE CROSS WAS CREATED: The Cross was created by a World War II veteran over 30 years ago in the year 1981. He was inspired to create the cross after looking down at the famous "Christ the Redeemer" statue over Rio de Janeiro. Mr. Kannisto had permission from the former landowner to create the cross as a "Love Symbol" for those who didn't make it back from the war: a war hero to honor fallen heroes. Mr. Kannisto received help from the Boy Scouts to take care of the cross, and they also helped him paint the cross white, the color it is today.

THE PROPERTY OWNER ON THE CROSS: Unfortunately, the property owner no longer allows anyone onto the land, including the elderly Mr. Kannisto, to take care of it because of potential liability issues. The property owner is concerned that Mr. Kannisto, or anyone helping him, could get hurt in the course of maintenance. The property owner also wants the land to return to the way it was before the cross was put onto the hillside.

WHAT COULD UNFORTUNATELY HAPPEN: If nobody takes care of the cross by replacing rocks, spray-painting the rocks white or spraying weed killer around the cross to keep it visible, the vegetation on the mountain will eventually cover the cross entirely, making it disappear forever. The paint on the cross will begin to chip off over time, rocks will roll down the hill, and weeds will cover the cross.

WHAT WE PLAN TO DO: Cameron Whiteside, the leader of the group, wants to gather as many supporters possible to ask the landowner if he could reconsider his decision to not let anyone go up to take care of the cross. We will present a contract to him, created by an attorney that states that if Cameron, or anyone taking care of the cross, were to get hurt while on the landowner's property, the landowner would not be held responsible or liable. We will also only take care of the cross and journey up the hill when the property owner allows us to at least once or twice annually to take care of it.

WE WANT TO WORK WITH THE PROPERTY OWNER: In the end, it is the property owner's decision whether or not the cross can be maintained. This petition and group demonstrate that many people in more than just the community, but also around the country, want the cross to stay on the mountain and not disappear. We will respect the property of Carl Merner and understand that it is a privilege to be able to go onto the land to take care of the cross. We would only take care of the cross and access the land if the landowner allows it and will notify him of the parties' accessing the land, the date and time and how long they will be there performing maintenance.

OUR GOAL: Our online petition goal is 1,000 supporters. We have sent out copies of our hand-signed petitions for supporters who want to help, to gather signatures from friends and family. We hope to collect at least 800 handwritten signatures. We have sent out copies of our petition via email to many parts of the country to help the spread word about the group.

WHEN WE WILL CONTACT CARL MERNER: Before we contactthe property owner, we will ask all supporters who received copies of our petitions to send them back immediately. We will keep our online petition open to the public to continue to share, even as we call in all petitions sent out. Cameron Whiteside will call the owner to meet with him at a convenient time. We will show him the contract that will be written up, stating that he is not liable if we were to be hurt maintaining the cross. We will also give him a total and latest signature count and the signatures of those who support the cross. This is when we ask for a YES or NO answer on letting us take care of the cross with his complete permission, knowledge of who is going onto his land and assurance that he is not liable for any injury in the course of our taking care of the cross, honoring Mr. Kannisto's hard work and dedication.

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