Save the Biggie mural by making it a landmark

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A recent article on DNA Info, states that the famous mural of the late great Notorious BIG located on Bedford Ave. and Quincy St., is in danger of being destroyed. The landlord has offered to keep the mural in exchange for a monthly rental fee of $1,250.

The owner has decided that it is more profitable to tear down the wall with the mural and add additional windows to the building in order to raise the rent. 

It's bad enough there is an affordable rental crisis in the city but now the landlord wants to destroy the culture that makes Brooklyn special. However, if we make this building a landmark, we can preserve the mural. By landmarking the building the landlord is unable to make any changes to the facade without permission from the Landmarks and Preservation Commission. 

It is my intention to go to one of the upcoming public hearings, most likely the June 6th hearing, so there is adequate time to get signatures and fight for this mural. 

This mural is very important to not just Brooklyn, but to music. The slain rapper, Notorious BIG is a symbol of Brooklyn, its history and the promise of hope for so many he inspired with his music. As the borough is currently in the midst of a mass gentrification and evolution, we still need to preserve the very things, specifically the art and culture that make Brooklyn, Brooklyn. 

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