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Make Nanaimo Avalon Comfortable Again!

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Nanaimo Avalon Theatre used to be my favorite theatre in town.  Their stadium seating, delicious popcorn, and free refills on large popcorn and soft drinks have seduced me into enjoying movies played within their walls for many years.  However, ever since another local theater has put in leather recliners, the adverse comfort conditions of the Nanaimo Avalon theatre have become more and more glaringly apparent.  Squeaky metal chairs fill the air with annoying noise.  Once full and plump armrest cushions have all disintegrated into concave torture chambers in which two thin plastic strips dig into your flesh.  Also, for some ungodly reason, oftentimes the movie projector projects onto the audience and seats, creating a near seizure-inducing light show that distracts from the movie we have paid good money to watch.  Please join me in solidarity to show Landmark Cinemas that we believe that Nanaimo's Avalon Theatre is due for some changes; changes that will result in distraction free (or at the very least distraction-mitigated) entertainment for us!




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