Landlords: Don't profit off people losing their jobs!

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My son lives in remote Australia, his dad recently died and the company he worked with closed – but now Lex is now facing bankruptcy because of a dodgy rental contract. The landlord is demanding he pay $7000 in fees for a house he no longer lives in.

It's a ridiculous, unfair contract. My son is a battler and doesn't complain – but this unfair lease must be hurting many mining and remote employees who need to move towns to find new work if a company goes under. They don’t have a choice to sign a lease – if they don’t rent, they have to live in their car or on the streets.

When he lost his job, Lex told the real estate company what happened straight away, cleaned up the house, handed the keys in and moved to a bigger town to look for work. Now the landlord is making him pay thousands of dollars to cover the rest of the contract, when he’s not even living in the house and still can’t find work!

I'm pleading with them to change this practice, but the landlord isn't answering.

Please can you help our family and other remote workers by telling the landlord to fix this unfair rental contract mess – and allow remote workers to change rental contracts if they lose their jobs!

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