Help Jasmin Özel to stop microwave attacks on innocent people

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My name is Jasmin Özel and I have been a victim of microwave attacks with the help of illegal implants and energy Weapons by Intelligence Agency and the military. Since my birth I am one of hundred thousands victims worldwide used for illegal human experiments and tests of military weapons, especially microwave weapons for mind control experiments.

Since January 2016, electromagnetic weapons have been used against the civilian population in Mülheim an der Ruhr in Germany as well as in many places around the world. These are apparently large-scale weapons tests, military exercises and human experiments of the military and the intelligence service

Five Available Electronic Harassment Technologies:

"Global Brain Chip, Mesogens & Intel Assaults"

To inflict these crimes on innocent people, neighbors and friends of the victims getting recruted by the secret services and paid to participate in this crime. The statements of victims who are attacked by their neighbors with microwave weapons have increased to several thousand alone in germany in the recent years. It is estimated that there are several hundred thousand victims worldwide.

Audible Shots at Jasmin Özel

Audible and Visible Shots at Dr.Katherine Horton

Because the state, doctors and even the police are mostly involved in these crimes, the victims have extremely difficulty getting any medical help, as in the case of Brita Leia Jaccard, who passed away through omission of medical help

The perpetrators usually working in a big network of corruption including psychiatrists and doctors so that the victims are psychiatrized through mind control and electromagnetic torture without a chance for professional medical help. Mostly, the perpetrators have taken insurances on the victim to collect the money from corrupt insurance contracts.

This is the torture of "Darksnow555" with illegal microwave weapons. Severe torture since over 10 years with pulsed energy projectiles mostly with sleep deprivation over days

With the help of the "electronic voice phenomen" i finally managed to get some names of perpetrators who have mutilating my hole body over 8 years with these weapons and illegal chip implants.

Mind Control Radiation will be transmitted by a "transceiver" a Human transceiver in order to manipulate the victim with the help of illegal chip implants. The technology which is used for Mind Control is also known as "Voice to Skull technology"

The Rfid Chips for this crimes does not to be implanted anymore

By the Mind Control lawyer Henning Witte i learned that it can establish to contact the perpetrators with the electronic voice phenomen because voice to skull technology is the same technique which is used by ghost hunters. Some perpetrators are also victims who are forced to participate in these crimes. Thats why I managed to get the following Evp Records about my neighbors which are mutilating my body and severely attempt murder on me by energy Weapons
These are the Voice to skull evp records who expose this perpetrators

"Sie sind unter ihnen "



"Metzgereiwagen Hesse"


"Herz Lungen Wiederbelebung"

Since I live in the Otto-Brenner-Straße 12 45473 in Mülheim Germany the unbearable torture by microwave weapons has increased on me. On 03.04.2018, Neighbor Mrs. Hirtz finally admitted that there are monitoring devices in the apartment of Policeman Mr. Helmut Krüger on the Otto-Brenner-Str. 12 45473 Mülheim an der Ruhr Germany ground floor right.
The police still dont want to help me and despite this high burden of proof although I have already begged for my life with the evidence in front of the doors of the perpetrators.
Although I have already published the relevant Voice to Skull evidence on my Youtube channel Mind Control Voice to Skull Mk Ultra the assassinations are still increasing on me. Until now i was not able to see my child again wich was taken from me 13 years ago by these secret service crimes with the help of the state which was involved

1000 Children are taken a month in the Uk by State corruption

I need your help to show the state criminal police Landeskriminalamt that they have to stop this crimes by these illegal weapons which already killed hundred thousands of people worldwide before i get murdered by the perpetrators which have already killed several people with this technology without being punished for these crimes

Please help me with your signature to get the perpetrators finally into court to save my live and to get help for hundred thousands victims worlwide now.

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