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No garage/parking area, no car policy

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No garage/parking area, no car policy

It cannot be denied that transportation has truly become easier as our technology progresses. Vehicles have made travelling simpler and more convenient. But like everything else, it also has its disadvantages.
As the years pass, the increase in the number of cars here in our country is very noticeable. Traffic jams during rush hours is one of the many proofs. According to CNN, Manila, Philippines is ranked number one with the worst traffic on earth based on a survey made by Waze and ranked as the ninth worst place to drive. The increase in the number of cars may be because of its almost affordable prices today. And one can easily purchase a car through loan, second-hands, down payments, etc.

Our group has agreed that in order to lessen, if not solve, this traffic issue is if the government passes a law that forbid citizens to buy a car if they do not have a garage or a proper parking area. Below are the following reasons why our group thinks that this will help:

1. One of the reasons why traffic occurs in some areas is because streets are being made into parking lots. Car owners park their cars just in front of their house which then blocks a part of the street. Because of this, some vehicles will have difficulty to pass through because the space becomes narrowed. This is most likely a problem in two-way streets.
2. If this said policy is made effective, there will be a limitation and/or a guideline when it comes to buying cars. Which will hopefully lessen the amount of cars being added into the highways which can result into less crowded roads.
3. Finally, through this policy car owners and non-car owners learn the value of having discipline. We don’t think that road widening will be a solution to the traffic because some irresponsible car owners just turn them into their own parking space which dismisses the sense of doing that kind of project.

Thank you for spending a moment of your time to read about our petition. We hope that you give us your support regarding this issue by signing this petition. Together, we can achieve the betterment of our country.

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