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All Jeepney's must be required to have a trash bin

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We respectfully request the LTFRB, MMDA, DILG, PASANG MASDA and PISTON that they apply a rule that makes mandatory for all jeepneys to have a trash bin inside.

Requesting this petition to them would help spread news to if not some, all local government firms and office. This will greatly impact in our waste management and can be a help towards a clean environment, by easily collecting the trash of the commuters. Improper disposal of trash by commuters contributes to flooding and pollution. When riding the jeepneys, commuters throwing trash by the window causing more litter in the streets, this common practice of Filipino commuters could be avoided by the use of the trash bins. For buses, adding small bins at every seat for the convenience of the next passenger, that will be emptied at the next stop at the terminal. Enforcing the scheduled proper disposal of trash in terminals to guarantee the disposal of the litter.

This simple addition of trash bins will improve the convenience of passengers to throw their trash, instead of waiting for their destination to throw their thrash it will be more convenient for the to just throw it to the bins. The use of trash bins in our transportation, would be beneficial to each individual. It is for the convenience of the passenger, and it can improve the overall cleanliness of the environment. although this is just a small solution to helping keep our streets clean. it can greatly reduce street trash in the long run.

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