Tougher enforcement actions against errant PMD users

Tougher enforcement actions against errant PMD users

5 November 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by PH Hoo

There have been many cases of accidents involving PMD in Singapore these days, most if not all are due to such PMD users breaching the laws, using non-compliance devices, unfamiliar with traffic rules and most importantly lack of enforcement actions from the authorities.

A recent incident involving 19 years old PMD rider speeding on the road at 30kmph, beating red traffic light and causing injury to another PMD rider has been handed out with probation and community works. In another scenario if it is a 19 years old car driver speeding, beating traffic lights and other traffics rules, ended up by knocking down a pedestrian, will such driver be given such light punishments?

The rules and regulations governing the users of PMD are very clear. If LTA thinks that an errant PMD rider deserves light sentence because he/she is too young to understand the rules and regulations, then do not allow he/she to use PMD at first. I strongly believe that if all caught errant PMD riders are handed out with jail terms, those illegal practices and misbehaviour of PMD riders would have changed.

The recent LTA rules to ban PMD users to ride on footpath has draw cheers from the pedestrians but boos from the responsible PMD riders, it does not impacted the errant riders at all because they have not obeying the laws anyway. They will continue to ride on the road and footpath knowing that the sentence is light and not afraid of being caught. Such move shows how incapable is our policies maker. 

I am a responsible PMD rider, using my fully compliance device to send my kid to school and to fetch her from school timely. Other than obeying all traffic rules and all regulations for using PMD, I have been putting the pedestrian safety at first, slowing down/dismount on crowded path, but I feel ashame being a PMD rider because general public has perceived that all PMD riders are errant and rude, thanks to LTA policies and lack of enforcement actions.

I am calling for LTA to change, by:

1. Imposing higher age requirements for PMD user

2. Imposing licensing requirements for PMD user

3. Restricting PMD for carrying more than 1 adult and 1 kid

4. Restricting babies on PMD

5. Imposing mandatory jail term to all PMD user who causes injury to other road user or pedestrian 

6. Creating more bicycle path only for the uses of responsible cyclists and PMD riders

Whether you are a pedestrian, a responsible PMD rider or a driver on the road, we have 1 thing in common is to get rid of the errant PMD users, please sign this petition to show your support! 

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Signatures: 9Next Goal: 10
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