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Can you chip in $7 to get this petition on the agenda?

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Mayank Kumar
Mayank Kumar chipped in $15
Osman Kartinah
Osman Kartinah chipped in $33
Sanjeev Thavarajaloo
Sanjeev Thavarajaloo chipped in $11
marina kutnjak
marina kutnjak chipped in $11
January Kristi Migalbin
January Kristi Migalbin chipped in $11
Samantha Johnson
Samantha Johnson chipped in $15
Charles Pierron
Charles Pierron chipped in $11
Audrey Perera
Audrey Perera chipped in $11
rabiatul adawiah
rabiatul adawiah chipped in $11
Chu Yan Teng
Chu Yan Teng chipped in $11
Margaret Forey
Margaret Forey chipped in $75
Pragati Vaswani
Pragati Vaswani chipped in $11
Nadia Amin
Nadia Amin chipped in $11
Tsen Waye Tay
Tsen Waye Tay chipped in $11
Constance Singam
Constance Singam chipped in $11

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