Banning personal electronic devices in school

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This petition is to stop the leisure use of electronic devices in our classrooms.   Electronic devices can be very harmful if over used by anyone, especially children.  The use of these devices should be during personal time at home and under the supervision and discretion of the child's parents.  These devices are a distraction in our children's classrooms. Although teachers promote the use of these devices for "electronic time."  It sounds like a glorified babysitter. If our children are going to have a break in their curriculum, this break should consist of watching an educational movie together engaged as a classroom, to play a team sport or participate in a group activity.  When our children are engaged with one another they learn valuable lessons that they will need throughout their life from sharing,  to delegating, initiative, empathy, compassion, team work, rejection, failure and success.  They will learn how to communicate with one another face-to-face to solve problems.  Not only are these social skills being neglected with the leisure use of these electronic devices in school, but our children are less engaged with one another. They are over stimulated mentally and under stimulated emotionally and physically.  These times or days of down time should be spent as a classroom involved in an activity, watching a movie or playing a team sport, not with their noses buried in some electronic device.  What's even more frustrating is that some parents, like myself who will not sign the Internet or device release to allow my child to participate in the use of an electronic, are now feeling guilt because our children are going to do without playing on these devices while their fellow classmates get to partake in electronic time. 

  The other issue that's concerning to me is that these electronics that these children bring to school vary. One child may have a handheld gaming system that's 5 years old, because that's all their family can afford, while other children may have the latest and greatest nintendo switch or a brand new iPad. This can cause the less fortunate children to feel left out and embarrassed.  Last but not least my biggest concern is that there is no control over what these children are looking up on the Internet. I know this because I was told by a teacher that my son along with some other children were looking at inappropriate things on an inappropriate website while they were standing in the bus line, in which case they were given permission by the teachers to use their electronic devices. This is unacceptable,  When my generation was in high school we were not allowed to have our cellphones in school. They were and still are a distraction, the difference is we are not talking about highschoolers, we are talking about elementary children! It's disheartening that this petition must be made to protect our children, that should have been the schools job!!