Peanut Butter Problem: Improving Cracker Packs

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Everybody loves peanut butter crackers. 

But let's face it, there are some sticky situations with on-the-go cracker packs that make us a little salty:


1. You feel the need to eat all 6 crackers in one sitting, which can be quite a bit for your average snacker. When you go to save the crackers you haven't eaten, you are so inconvenienced by the lack of storage available that you have to either waste a plastic snack bag or, heaven forbid, throw away your tasty treat.

2. You are seasoned snacker and require more than just the standard six pack. You must interrupt your day and make your way back to the pantry for round two (or three) to satisfy your stomach. If you are unable to finish your multiple packs, the same problem as above results.

3. Individually wrapping six crackers each is quite wasteful in terms of plastic and cardboard, especially when odds are in favor of these materials ending up in the trash can and not a recycle bin.


Whether you're a cracker lover or a tree hugger, the problems of to-go snacks are very real. I'm sure you've thought about it, but have decided to stay away from the scam that is Ritz Bits because you know you deserve more than those peanut butter impostors pretending to annihilate your appetite. There must be a solution!

Well luckily for us, there is. If cracker companies would additionally sell full size crackers in a singular box, all of these problems would disappear. It's as simple as that! Signing this petition would allow us, your average snackers, to approach Lance Inc. (one of the leading producers of peanut butter pleasure) and suggest this solution. 

Join us as we attempt to redefine what it means to snack.

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