Save Bailrigg's FM licence

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Help us to reverse Lancaster University Student Union’s decision and let us keep our FM broadcasting licenses. Signing this petition will send a strong message to the Union that Bailrigg FM, and their supporters, want to maintain the FM licence that has provided immeasurable benefits for decades.

Our SU has decided that our radio station no longer needs its FM license and should switch to an online-only platform, failing to recognise the outcry from both current and former members. Bailrigg FM was the UK’s first student radio station to broadcast on FM and this year marks our 50th Anniversary; the foundations of what we are today were built on benchmarks like these.

The station’s FM license has had an immeasurable impact on alumni’s later lives and careers. Many former members have spoken out, telling the SU how much their experience in an FM station helped their career prospects upon leaving university. Not only that, but all current and former members are painfully aware of what future generations would miss out on if the license were to be lost.

One alumni - now an industry professional - even went so far as to say they would be less likely recommend Lancaster University to prospective students if the Union refuses to properly support Student Media. Given the Union’s claim that the decision was in the interest of benefiting students and sustaining the future of the station, these comments alone should be enough to change their minds.

We’ve received huge amounts of support on social media already, not just from current members, alumni and other LU societies, but from the Student Media societies at other universities, including Manchester and York. If you want to help us keep this license, show your support by signing this petition and telling the Student Union that they have made the wrong decision.

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