Fight to keep Soft Play open!

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Jollie's Barn and Playtown are standing UNITED.

Join us on our fight to get Soft Play area's OPEN!

It's devastating that is no-one is thinking about the impact this is going to have on mental health. Children are being denied the chance to be children, to play, explore and exercise in a safe environment. Soft play isn’t just somewhere to ‘run and jump’. It’s educational, it teaches children life skills which are imperative to develop young minds.

They’ve been starved of play for such a long time it's heartbreaking. 

When soft play area's were opened up again back in August the faces of happiness on the children was heartwarming. Something that will never be taken for granted again. Which is why we are fighting for us to stay open. Children NEED us.

It goes to say that this is also needed for the parents too. I for one have a nearly 3 year old daughter and struggled mentally through lockdown. My husband was still working and it was just me and her. Luckily the weather was nice so we could get out of the house but when it rained I really struggled. I’ve also had this feedback from a lot of other parents that it is their chance to escape for an hour and have a moments peace with a sip of a hot drink. It may only seem like a small thing to some – but to others it’s a lot more than that.

Now we are going into the winter months it’s going to be a lot tougher for these parents who also need and want this industry to survive.

Both businesses, amongst other play areas are COVID safe with customers shouting from the rooftops how CLEAN and organised they are. 

Now is your time to REALLY shout - stand by us, support us and SIGN THIS PETITION. (Please share too)

Not just for our businesses - but for ALL Soft Play across the North.

We need you!

Laura & Jon Brookes, Louie & Tanya Gaffney

Jollie's Barn Ltd & Playtown Southport.

#savesoftplay #playsafestaysafe