Bring back parking for disabled people on union street.

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Union Street has had a single yellow line and allowed disabled badge users to park for years, Now out of the blue to many people they have made it so nobody can park on union street at the end of the road near the manning's bakery. This has caused and is causing loss of business to nearby businesses as well as making it a lot harder for disabled members of our community to be able to park within a reasonable distance to local amenities that they have been able to use for years.

The addition of the extra taxi parking bay has been causing problems on union street ever since its introduction and yet still remains an issue currently, Due to taxi drivers not parking correctly, Often blocking the street. We do not feel it is acceptable for nothing to be done about the taxi bay, Yet innocent disabled people who keep within their parking spaces on most occasions are being punished with the removal of the much-loved parking places.

We wish for the reinstatement of parking on union street and for more strict regulation of the taxi drivers blatant disregard for the use of their spaces. 

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