To have my children returned to my custody

To have my children returned to my custody

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Sarah Anderton started this petition to Lancashire childrens services and

I lost my 4 children due to a domestic violent relationship, the court awarded a special guardianship to my mother and her husband who never raised their own children, he is 70, she is 60. I was told that if significant changes were made that the order would be looked at again, however the social services refuse to assist me to have my children return to my care.

I have moved from lancashire to Cheshire in a bid to keep the perpetrator away, I have worked with police, completed courses such as the freedom programme and ABC of trauma, and have also been awarded a non-molestation order against the perpetrator.

I have NEVER been a risk to my children, and feel the system is letting families like mine down, majorly.

I am creating this petition so that with enough votes for my children to return to my care it may be looked at properly.

I have completed every assessment the social services have requested of me, completed and passed drugs and alcohol testing, have taken every step possible to ensure my own safety and that of my children if they were to return to my care.

Sadly, the house I now live in is only 2 bedroom, so therefor we would also require help getting adequate space for the children to return. Ie social housing etc

The guardians of my children play god with my children and change the contact every week. Go against any positive changes agreed In meetings. I have also raised numerous concerns that the guardians are manipulating and emotionally abusing my children to which the children's services in lancashire fail to investigate.

Social services fail to uphold our rights as a family, the rights of my children and my own rights as an individual.

The have failed to follow their code of ethics and also the 7 principles of public life.

Social workers seem to be acting bias and assisting with the alienation of parent and children

Guardians have also threatened my children with a children's home with the added phrase they cannot cope with them, again, when this has been raised by myself to Lancashire childrens services it gets disregarded.

Guardians are supposed to uphold the rights of the children and to protect them, yet these guardians are clearly not doing that.

Social workers are supposed to work with family members yet are failing to work with myself despite me having shared PR with the guardians.

The male guardian is 70 years old, and health isn't great, my youngest child is 6, yet by the time she turns 18 the male guardian will be 82... another concern I have attempted to raise

The female guardian failed to raise her own children due to leaving them all behind when they were young.

Both guardians are well known in the sex industry / dominitrix industry and yet the lamcashire children's services also fail to see this as a concern

I please ask you kindly to sign this petition so that our case may be looked into accordingly.

I love my children ans they love me, we need to be reunited as a family 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!