Return Mountain House Students to Virtual Learning due to COVID/Omnicron for 3-6 months

Return Mountain House Students to Virtual Learning due to COVID/Omnicron for 3-6 months

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Why this petition matters

On Jan 3rd, 2022, students from all over Mountain House returned to in-person learning, in the schedule of everyday learning, for 5 days, regardless of the person's decision to go back or not.

CDC Covid Cases in San Joaquin County HIGHER than when COVID start 2 years ago....check it out yourself.

This is a threat to many family members and YOUR children and YOU.

The same day after school was over, multiple students, a majority from Mountain House High School, were notified of exposure to Covid-19, prompting those students to quarantine. Many of the teachers have also been tested COVID positive and a large number of students too. Also, the testing is not enforced and is optional....there is no way to know whether a positive student quarantined themselves or even tested themselves?

The 2 test kids provided only allowed testing on the 1st day and 3rd day. There are no more testing kits after the 2 tests....what if a student is exposed later? Not providing students an ability to learn remotely in this day and age is totally unfathomable. With finals coming up, exposure to the virus does not bid well only for the students, as their grades will be heavily affected, but it does not bid well for their families, as they could be more vulnerable to the virus, should they not be vaccinated. And it's well-known fact that even vaccinated people can get COVID although symptoms might be less severe...but does anyone want to take that chance?

Mountain House has seen a rise in cases, especially a rise in multiple (COVID/Omnicron) variants, most of which have been very contagious. Mountain House is a small community of about 18,000 people, and it is only growing due to the high achieving schools, as well as low housing rates, and a friendly community. Keeping schools open is keeping people at risk.

We demand the school board to close down and continue virtual learning, or at least continue hybrid learning, as it keeps students and families safe, as well as maintains the efforts made by students during these unforgiving times. Similar steps to go virtual have now been taken by many neighboring cities in the Bay Area and in California not to mention many other states e.g. Atlanta and even internationally.

American's have reached Mars and SPACE tourism is a reality....we can video chat with anyone at a click of a button....and we cannot give the option to students to attend the same classes virtually without being penalized? Is this kind of negative stress justifiable? Forcing kids who are vaccinated to come to school is not a FREEDOM of choice that American's are honored and proud of. Because today the Schools policy force people to show up at school unless they have covid. Given the fact that there are a LOT of positive COVID cases in the school....still not providing a comfortable alternative to students to LEARN remotely is clearly unacceptable to those who care about the safety of themselves and others.

If the board is open and flexible to listen.....all it takes is setting up online video collaboration classes, even if it involves the teacher whiteboarding with the camera on....and if exam grading is a problem that can certainly be done in person outdoors in the football field or in the gym in a staggered fashion or other creative ways can be collectively thought off. But from our understanding almost most of the things can be done virtually. This is the time to show America is #1 in taking care of its citizens....this is the time to be WORK SMARTLY, STAY SAFE and ALLOW FREEDOM of CHOICE by making going VIRTUAL 100% as good an option as physically coming in. Teachers should welcome this FREEDOM in a truly authentic manner.


Please join us in creating a safer and more successful Mountain House.

1,142 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!