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Our big cats (lions and tigers) are being forced off their home while we are in a legal battle with our municipality to be able to keep them here. We were told before we bought this old zoo that we would be welcomed here but 19 days after we moved in with our animals an exotic animal bylaw was put in place overnight with no public notice or media notice and we have been in a court battle ever since. The judge ruled against us and while we are awaiting our appeal they are forcing our animals off our land. It is hard enough to find homes for our 12 big cats at the best of times but during Covid19 it is almost impossible! We had tempory housing for them arranged because we knew this was coming, but because of the pandemic those plans fell through. Please sign and share this petition to be able to keep these animals here at least until the pandemic  is over and can make other arrangements until the appeal. Thank you for helping our beautiful animals. These animals deserve to STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE during these unprecedented times. To move and separate them at this time will be incredibly hard and very stressful on the wellbeing of these beautiful animals! Thank you!!