Start School Sports Safely

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TO BE CLEAR: This is all covid safe. I understand Covid is killing people, I do not disagree that it is dangerous. But can't the school board make an effort? Sports are peoples lives. Not just partying. Some kids need sports, to maybe cope with mental health, things happening at home, or maybe to get some exercise. Cancelling sports is ruining kids years. Some kids work hard, day in and day out for this year. Senior year. Your final year of high school. All these kids put in the hours and hours of work and when it is there moment to shine it is unfairly ripped away from them. Some kids only go to school to participate in school sports. OFSAA and school boards provincial wide stripped these kids dreams away, what if they wanted to try and turn pro? Needed a scholarship to help financially? They quite frankly are letting the students of all schools down. As we understand how hard it is, there was no effort in fighting to keep sports alive, not even locally? How is it we can be in a gym class all week with masks and not have sporting teams? Each lunch without a mask for 45-50 minutes and not have sports teams? We want our sports back *SAFELY*.