A Roundabout is the ONLY Solution at Petrolia Line & Kimball Road that will Save Lives

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On Monday May 4, 2020, a horrific collision occurred at the intersection of Lambton County Roads 4 (Petrolia Line) and 31 (Kimball Road), 9 kilometres east of Corunna, Ontario and 10 kilometers south of Sarnia, Ontario. This latest collision resulted in a fatality that could have been completely avoidable if, after several previous collisions, effective actions had taken place to ensure that this intersection is safe.

This fatal collision is the most recent at an intersection with a long history of collisions in which many people have already lost their lives. These two roads serve as major arteries through Lambton County and therefore, are vital to the movement of people and goods and essential to our economic vitality. People from all over Lambton County travel through this intersection on a daily basis to commute to and from their work in St. Clair Township, so this is an issue that affects the entire County, not just those living in close proximity. People also travel between Chatham-Kent and Sarnia using this route, so this issue affects those who commute from beyond Lambton’s borders.

The design of an intersection is a key component in overall safety and therefore is vital in saving lives. In order to slow down the traffic, we propose a Roundabout be put in the intersection of Petrolia Line and Kimball Road, thereby slowing the traffic down significantly, without impeding the flow of traffic completely. Statistics prove that Roundabouts reduce the risk of an accident being fatal by 90%. Collisions at Roundabouts seldom result in fatalities because they are side-swipes or fender-benders. Currently the design of this intersection, with a two-way stop on the Kimball, results in high-speed t-bone or head-on collisions, which greatly increase the risk of fatalities. Traffic lights and four-way stops, although perceived as improvements, are nowhere near as effective in maintaining traffic flow while improving overall safety. 

Please assist us by doing your part to help make a difference by signing this petition that will be forwarded to the County of Lambton and the Office of MPP Bob Bailey. This petition supports the construction of a Roundabout to be included in the 2021 County Road’s Budget, and that it can be expedited in the hopes we can prevent the next collision and ultimately save the life of someone that could be your family member or your close friend. 

We would be remiss in not expressing our gratitude to the many First Responders who have been there to rescue those who have been a victim of the intersection of Petrolia Line and Kimball Road. We would also like to thank those responsible for clearing the scene of the accident and ensuring that it is as safe as possible to re-open the intersection.

It is now the responsibility of the County of Lambton to ensure that the fatal collisions that have plagued this intersection come to an end. The only safe solution is a Roundabout.

Please visit https://www.lambtononline.ca/home/residents/publicworks/roads/roundabout/Pages/RoundaboutFAQ.aspx  for Frequently Asked Questions on Roundabouts and where the County of Lambton already acknowledges that Roundabouts are an effective solution. 

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