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To introduce a 12-2pm Controlled Parking Zone to Croxted Road (from garage to Turney jnct)

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The lack of availability of parking for residents on Croxted Road (from the overhead train bridge to the traffic light crossroads at Turney Road) has reached a critical situation. This is a direct result of CPZ recently being implemented on the adjacent and neighbouring streets.

The section of the road we refer to is predominantly made up of people with young families or retired people. We are particularly concerned at the dangers facing residents, both young and old, which has heightened in recent months as a result of there being no parking outside or near their homes. The parking spaces on Croxted Road are almost entirely populated by non-residents - Herne Hill train station commuters, tradesmen, commercial vehicles and visitors to the many businesses on the road including Nelly's Nursery, Under the Willow Nursery and Croxted Road garden centre. As a result, residents are forced to circle neighbouring roads for long periods of time seeking (and often paying for) parking which is a lengthy distance from their homes. This is unacceptable for everyone - and particularly the more vulnerable being families with young children and elderly residents.  As Croxted Road is a busy through way road with buses and ever-increasing speeding vehicles, lives are being endangered crossing Croxted Road as we walk to and from our vehicles.

 Our grievances are :

1. Croxted Road is a busy through road and the introduction of CPZ in neighbouring roads has created a very hazardous situation for residents of the road, as families and the elderly are now forced to walk considerable distances to their homes and cross the busy stretch of road due to lack of parking outside their homes. We particularly note the following:

 (a) There is no pedestrian crossing available to residents from the traffic lights at Turney Road Junction to the traffic lights at Norwood Road. This is 0.3 miles without a safe crossing to our homes. 

(b) Speeding is a significant problem on this section of the road and the council does not appear to have addressed it as has been done on other busy roads.  Drivers frequently accelerate to get through traffic lights and drive at dangerous speeds on what is a residential road. Residents have witnessed countless incidents in recent months - ranging from a car flipping over damaging parked vehicles and at least 3 pedestrian being knocked over by ongoing traffic.

 2. Lambeth council recently undertook a CPZ consultation on nearby roads resulting in the introduction of CPZ in, amongst other roads, Brockwell Park Gardens and Trinity Rise. We would argue that the consultation was unfair and unjust as it failed to take into consideration other roads directly impacted as a result CPZ being introduced on those roads and which are within a 0.5/0.6 mile radius of Herne Hill station. The CPZ maps of Southwark and Lambeth suggest that this section of the road is now the only road without either (i) off-road parking,  (ii) CPZ or (iii) private estates and which are within a 0.5/0.6 mile radius of Herne Hill station. Consequently, the consultation was undertaken without due care and consideration for the residents of this road and the implementation of CPZ in neighbouring roads has had a significant negative impact on the residents of this road.

We ask the council to consider, as a matter of urgency, creating a CPZ with a 12-2 pm payment window as with most other roads in the Herne Hill area.

When signing this petition please state if you are a resident of the street . With thanks.


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