Save green space and trees on Medora road

Save green space and trees on Medora road

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ALICE ASHTON started this petition to Lambeth Council

We reject the plans for the development listed below, and the destruction of the greenfield land, trees and wildlife it is due to destroy on the grounds of:

  • the environmental risk it will pose - increased fooding and pollution risk due to cutting down 12 large established trees on the site.
  • The destruction of green field land, trees and wildlife including Stag beetles which are endangered is at odds with Lambeth's declaration of 'Climate Emergency'
  • the disturbance to the neighbourhood that the construction will cause-1 year + of lorries, diggers, heavy machinery etc.
  • the longterm negative effects of the development on the health of the neighbourhood-increased air pollution, stress, overcrowding etc.
  • the 0% affordable housing it will contain
  • the lack of transparency of the plans
  • the violation of conservation are rules.

The proposal:

Erection of a three-storey building plus basement to provide three self-contained units (2 x 1-bedroom (one wheelchair user dwelling) & 1 x 2-bedroom) fronting Medora Road , and erection of part-one /part-two storey buildings including the basement to rear to provide two dwellings (1 x 2-bedroom, 1 x 3-bedroom) and associated landscaping, cycle parking, and refuse and recycling storage. | Land Between 33 And 35 Medora Road London SW2

record of the plans here:

We ask that:

  1. This planning application be reconsidered to safeguard the land as a green space either through a community purchase order or otherwise.
  2. Lambeth Council rule/ask the developer to safeguard more of the green space in their plans, including the 12 trees due to be cut down. 
  3. The land is put into community use as a community garden or community food growing site so we can all have access to the site and to mitigate climate change, and any building that is built fulfils a social need E.G. social housing, youth centre, community centre, sheltered accommodation etc.
  4. Ensure that any building adheres to the character of the conservation area and the site's 150 year old history as a green space
  5. Make sure that any development creates minimal noise or environmental pollution and explain to the community exactly what kind of disturbance will be caused and for how long. 
  6. Produce clear, honest plans that are up to date and explain exactly how the plans will impact the neighbourhood

Please sign this petition to show the council that you do not support this development and would like to see this land put to better use in our neighbourhood!

Thank you. 

Further information below:

The development should be stopped and reconsidered due to the following:

1.Construction = pollution and harm to the environment 

The construction of the new development would generate an estimated 400 tonnes of c02e. To produce this amount of c02e for the purpose of a purely for profit development is unacceptable when we are all affected by climate change.

2. No social housing 

Building a new housing development here, with 0 affordable housing purely for profit is unacceptable and adds to social division.

3. Cutting down of mature trees and destruction of green space = pollution and harm to environment 

12 mature trees including a weeping willow, oak tree, fir tree and ash tree will be cut down, with a further 2 trees including a Blue Gum tree and an Apple tree not on the site being reduced to make way for the construction. Trees absorb Co2, reduce ‘urban heat island effect’ and decrease blood pressure and stress as well as improve mental health. These trees absorb up to 1,800 kg of Co2 per year, helping us all, and can absorb up to 62% of surface water run off, mitigating flood risk.  They  should not be removed purely for the developers profit at our expense. There is also endangered wildlife on site which the development will destroy.

4. Construction = noise

The construction will likely last 1 year+  and see heavy machinery including diggers, lorries, drills and cranes being used in the middle of our quiet neighbourhood. It will destroy and disturb the wildlife that currently occupies the space. Neighbours on Medora road live with a wide variety of different issues including physical and mental health issues and we depend on living in a peaceful environment for our wellbeing. The land is adjacent to a community building on Tulse Hill estate which  holds religious and community events which the noise will disturb. This community centre may be unaware of the plans.

5.Violation of the Conservation area 

Medora road is part of the Rush common and Brixton hill conservation area which is distinguished by the 19th century buildings that characterise the area. The proposed development does not comply with the character of the conservation area

6.Not in keeping with Lambeth’s  ‘climate emergency declaration’ 

Lambeth council declared a ‘climate emergency’. Construction is one of the most environmentally harmful industries in the world with buildings  creating  23 % of air pollution in cities, 50% of harmful gases globally and 50% landfill waste globally.  There are 25,000 empty homes in London, these should be used to house people before green field land is developed, in this case for 0 social housing.

7.misleading reports and plans concerning the development = unreliable information

The plans have been subject to many changes over time, and not all of the application is up to date with the newest proposals. This includes the  part of the plans concerning trees, ‘the arboricultural report’ , which talks about the developers contributing to the cost of street trees.  It is unclear if they will be required to do this in the newest plans as this was originally intended to mitigate against the felling of a mature Turkey Oak tree, which is now staying on the site. 

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