Lambeth Council Do Not Demolish Truslove House

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Presentation: Truslove House Unwrapped

Help stop this development to rebuild Central Hill Estate.

Homes for Lambeth, Lambeth Council's developer, is planning to demolish Truslove House as the start of a 20 year building project to flatten and rebuild the whole estate.

In October 2020, the council gave themselves planning permission and are planning to bulldoze as soon as they can.  But our protest continues.  

Truslove House is a structurally sound building and they plan to replace it with an enormous 7 & 5 storey block.  But more importantly, this is being used to pave the way for the redevelopment of the whole of the Central Hill Estate, in south Lambeth, for which no plans have been disclosed. 

This new block is for so-called 'affordable housing'.  Yet if you compare only twenty-two of the thirty-one flats are for council-level rent and the 50 empty homes on our estate because of regeneration that the council have not managed to prepare and let out, you will see that there is actually less housing than doing up existing places.  It would cost less economically, socially and environmentally and be much less disruptive to retrofit this building and the rest of the estate and to infill where necessary.

It is scandalous that this new build is only being used to move current tenants into to allow for intensive, market-led high-end apartments. Over 1,100 new flats are planned for the new estate of which 61% is for high-end private sale at full market value.

Temporary tenants have no option to come back. Secure tenants have the right to stay on the new estate if they wish to and homeowners are being bought out, or can move into a shared ownership property, but licensees will have to move off the estate.  Those that do stay will be living on a construction site for 20 years as they see the estate being demolished and rebuilt around them.

This build is indicative of borough-wide actions - replacing real council housing with hugely more expensive housing for private sale only. Only a quarter of the new estate will be council-level rent, more expensive but similar to current rents.  This just about replaces the existing social housing on the estate, leaving the majority for full market sale, upwards of £350,000 for a one-bed. 

The building towers over houses in the surrounding  area.  The planning application describes it as, 'a well-designed building' and 'a positive contribution to the streetscene.' This is a lie.

Demolition is damaging for the environment as it uses a lot of energy and creates a phenomenal amount of waste.  It SHOULD NOT be used on structurally sound buildings, such as Truslove House. It simply doesn't need demolishing.  The Architect Journal states that retrofitting and re-using residential properties is by far the best use of our resources.  Demolition and builder's waste account for 63% of Britain's waste, and also contribute to large quantities of CO2 in the atmosphere.

RetroFirst – A campaign by The Architects' Journal

10% of the new homes across the whole estate (9 in this build) will be shared ownership, which sometimes is fraught with problems for the buyer - high service charges, difficult to sell, no subletting and there's still rent to pay.   

This development and that of the whole estate is 'car-free', which means the council have no responsibility for the congestion and cars parked on neighbouring streets it will cause.

As it is phase one of the demolition of the whole estate, the local area may not have the capacity for more than doubling the density of the estate. For example, there used to be a doctor's which moved to Croydon and has not been replaced.  This is the start of a long development process.  The construction will cause chaos and untold pollution for years.  

The best place for us to live is in our homes, and new homes can be built around them. This is affecting the mental health of the residents, who do not want demolition.  

The company, Homes for Lambeth, has not released the viability of the project, the figures on which this whole development is based. So far Lambeth Council's development plans have cost the tax payer over £100 million in setting up the company, buy-backs, consultations and presentations. Whilst the costs are set to go up, there is no guarantee of return at the end.  This is far more than fixing the estate and leaving it alone and adding social or lower end housing where necessary.   

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Find out more on the planning application. In particular, read the comments.