Fathers Rights and Child Support

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It is without a doubt that child support is an issue today across the board. I have personally wittnessed over 200 a week in child support be used for anything but supporting a child. From drug use to frivolous purchases and getting nails done, car payments, anything the irresponsible party chose to use it for. While itching to get that next child support payment in the bank.

This practice, to garnish wages and regulate custody or visitation, to limit time with the child to a specified date and time; may be fair practice in certain cases but certainly not all.  My aim is to preserve the rights of the father to the extent that child support be the last resort and only necessary if the father is not willing to support jointly or solely, the child, himself. 

My ex refuses to let me see our son. She says i can but never actually allows it. This careful play is causing an obstacle of hearsay. I have offered everything. Including health insurance for the both of them. I offered her a vehicle, clothing, carseats, high chairs, day care, help in any conceivable way including purchase of all necessary items since before the birth of our son. All rejected just as visitation has too been rejected. This places me in a position to be forced through the state to pay an obscene amount of child support to her in order to establish legal rights and recieve only regulated visitation. This is foul play. I refuse to give her my money when i am capable of careing for the child without her help myself, though would never expect her to do it alone, herself. She chose her path. I have no choice in mine. With the help of a petition i can get the support i need to make this change for all fathers. To regulate the spending of child support like an ebt card. And to determine the custody based on the proven intentions of the mother as well as the father. There should never be a case where a father has state regulated and limited time with his child when since the day of conception he has done everything he can to be a good parent. If there is no percieved threat to the child or the relationship of either parent with the child, then custody should be 50/50 and therefore so should child support. Requiring an equal deposit into the childsupport account which will be regulated just the same way a foodstamp card works. Both parties put in or are forced to allow a more shared responsibility. Just because she doesn't want to, doesnt make it right!

The current institution and process surrounding child support is an abusive encroachment on the rights of all men. Moreover is not in the best interest of the child in all cases. 

We the people have the power to take a stand and if so should chose to stand on our rights. 

Please help me in my efforts to correct the problems and stabilize the child support process by reevaluating it and making the whole thing a fair and equal program. Help me make the change.