Demand Congress to Create Transparency in Healthcare Pricing Law

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Health care costs are skyrocketing yet no one in healthcare administration seems to know how much procedures cost. In fact, healthcare costs are not just confusing, they can have devastating implications for the patient. Many times, your doctor  or administrator can’t tell you at the time of your visit what a procedure is going to cost you even though they require you to sign a statement of financial responsibility agreeing to pay for the full charges if your insurance carrier does not cover the full cost. That’s like going to a restaurant and not knowing how much your salmon dinner costs until the bill arrives. Or, driving off the auto dealer lot without knowing how much your new vehicle will cost until maybe weeks later. Or, flying across the country on a trip and not receiving your bill for the service purchased until after the fact. The healthcare industry is the only industry in America that does not require a price be published in order to educate the consumer patient how much something will cost until much later—sometimes weeks or months—after the procedure has been performed.

It’s time to change that. Healthcare is utilized and purchased for by consumers and, as consumers, we deserve to know what our financial responsibility will be UP FRONT, prior to service. This way, patients can determine for themselves if they are willing to risk bankruptcy for certain procedures and when to proactively seek verification of benefits from their insurance plans so they are not blindsided by runaway healthcare costs. Tell the key Senators on the Congressional Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions that we deserve transparency in healthcare pricing now!

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