Ban Plastic Bags From Tennessee Stores

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Tennessee, among other states in the USA, continues to produce and distribute plastic bags at convenient stores. These bags often find themselves littering the side of the road or tossed into our landfills instead of being reused. 

According to the article "Plastic bags are trashing Tennessee" in the Johnson City Press, 1 FEB 2018, "littering costs local and state governments more than $15 million annually." states that it takes approximately 1000 years for a plastic bag to decompose in nature. In addition, they say that plastic bags cost retailers $4 billion a year. Plastic bags in nature are hazards for wildlife and damage the great beauty of the State of Tennessee and our nation. 

Some countries like Germany have banned plastic bags in stores, and other countries are following suit. Instead of plastic, shoppers are able to purchase burlap/canvas/synthetic bags that they can reuse. No more clutter. No more waste.

It's time for Tennessee to lead the way toward a more responsible, greener world. Sign this petition to show your commitment to furthering a sustainable Earth and clean environment!