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Lalit Jalan, CEO of Reliance Infrastructure Ltd (R-Infra) and Chairman BSES: Immediately switch on street lights, Don't punish common citizens

Street Light is "Right of every citizen".

Now a days when violence against women and other crimes are on the rise, it becomes all the more important to have functional street lights all across the city.

In Delhi, on one hand so much taxpayer's money has been invested in buying new design poles for street lighting but we have completely non functional street lights in many major roads.

The worst example is the highway that connects Wazirabad Road to Tronica City.

The road from Nanaksar Gurudwara to Chahuhan Patti area.

More than 50,000 people travel through this road every day and the street lights are switched off for almost a year now.

When contacted BSES officials have informed that Street lights are switched off because Irrigation Dept. of Delhi Govt. has to pay a bill amount of Rs. 22 Lakh and they are not making the payment.

So in this mock fight between Delhi Govt and BSES, it is common citizens who are forced to risk their lives and are living in dark age era in the middle of the capital city of India.

BSES has no right to switch of the street light, if it has to claim the billing amount from Delhi Govt, there is always a legal option available.

There is no way BSES can punish common citizens of Delhi by switching off the street lights.

We are writing to you demanding that BSES should immediately switch on street lights from Nanaksar Gurudwara and Chauhan Patti area.

BSES has an obligation and legal responsibility to ensure that all of their street lights are functional and switched on every night.


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  • CEO of Reliance Infrastructure Ltd (R-Infra). Chairman of BSES Rajdhani & BSES Yamuna Pvt. Ltd.
    Lalit Jalan, CEO of Reliance Infrastructure Ltd (R-Infra) and Chairman BSES

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