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Lift the ban of hoodies and hats from the Lakewood City Schools.

We feel that it is important to express our feelings in this way, as it seems to be the only way to grasp you're attention. Hoodies are a way to express one's self, and in the high school's condition, a warm way to cross Franklin to and from the modular units. We feel that these rules are unjust, and unfair. Most of us don't have jackets, or winter coats without hoods, and although winter jackets are allowed, hoodies are a cheaper solution to the expensive winter coat, and get the job done well. Lakewood BoE and LCS need to lower their grips on these laws for these particular reasons. We don't all have money for winter jackets, and even then, all winter jackets don't even include a hood of some sort, that is why we are grabbing your attention.

In the case of the middle and elementary schools, it is just a matter of presenting yourself in the way you want people to see you. I (a high-school junior) open up my dresser, and have to go to the bottom after skipping the hoodies that keep me warm, whilst a middleschooler want's something warm, and comfortable during classes. This is why we ask you to lift these ban's.

Kids all around the United States of America get to choose what they wear each day, including those from Bay Village and Westlake (as I am told from Westshore students). Why are we so strict against dress code? In a classroom, when a student gets told to remove his/her hoodie, it is more distracting than the student actually wearing the hoodie it's self, it eliminates a lot of class time for those who really would love to learn.

All together, hoodies aren't a distraction, but teachers telling students to remove them are the distraction, and frankly, it's a waste of paper writing referrals for such things. We students simply ask you to remove these rules against hoodies and hats for these reasons stated above.

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