Stop Parccs Assessments in Lakewood, Ohio and the rest of the state

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Students in my classes have noticed that we will be spending more time this year on standardized testing instead of learning the material we need to learn to go on to college, and pass the tests. Students at my school (Lakewood High School) will begin testing this Tuesday (Tuesday February 17, 2015). Sophomores will be taking the OGT (Ohio Graduation Test) as well as these tests for certain subjects. I will be taking a total of seven tests this year of PARCC Assessments. This does not include my midterms and finals, as well as classroom tests that appear maybe once-twice a month. How are students supposed to test on material we don't have time to learn. What I and fellow students wish is for graduation requirements to stay the same, testing with the OGT instead of the PARCCS. Students who have taken the practice test either deliberately failed because it was, excuse my wording but, stupid. Others responded as it being extremely difficult and that getting 21 points would be hard, as we as students aren't ready for this difficulty. (Please be in mind half of these accounts I've heard are advanced or AP students as well as students in the average classroom.). I know many will think of this as teenagers complaining about a test we should take but I believe there is something better from what I've seen and heard of these test's from administrative members and students. We shouldn't be taking this test, in fact piloting it was a waste of time, money, resources, and could be better used for teaching. I know some believe the OGT to be very easy but add that test with ACT's and SAT's as well as trying to get good grades and participate in sports and clubs so colleges can notice you, or simply to have a place to go and meet new people or experience new things at school. This is too much pressure for a student, especially the freshman and sophomores who have to take the test and pass or pass their ACT's with 21 points . (The Sophomores this year still have to take the OGT as well.) Please anyone and everyone sign this petition this test will prove to much and when it fails the repercussions will be too much to handle when the time comes to fix this. So let's stop the problem before it becomes a problem.

Thank you,

A Concerned Student. 

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