Lakeshore Management, END harassment and mistreatment of renters and employees at Oakpark

Lakeshore Management, END harassment and mistreatment of renters and employees at Oakpark

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Oakpark Terrace Residents started this petition to Corporate offices Lakeshore Management and

The residents of Oakpark Terrace, (A Lakeshore Management Community located in Madison, WI), are organizing this petition to and about Lakeshore Management concerning the harassment of residents, violations of civil rights, violations of housing rights and incompetence in administration by the current manager of Oakpark terrace for Lakeshore Management, Lynn Speidel.

This follows previous and numerous complaints filed by residents of Oakpark Terrace and Oakpark staff to Lakeshore Management and government agencies concerning illegal action and requests by Lakeshore Management corporate staff, previous Oakpark terrace staff and Lynn Speidel to conduct processes of rent increases, notifications and threats of eviction to residents of Oakpark terrace including:

-Threats to residents issued by Lakeshore Management staff concerning the constitutional right of renters to organize and be involved with neighborhood groups for the purpose of organisation, information exchange and community development among residents.

-Violations of property rights and illegal service of notice while illegally entering resident property without 24 hour prior notice by Lakeshore staff.

-Violations of medical privacy and records of residents by Lakeshore Managment staff.

-Rent increases applied to residents as direct payment for infrastructure repairs that are the responsibility of Lakeshore Management to maintain and repair at the company's own cost, not that of residents.
Namely road repairs to existing roads on the property of Oakpark terrace that had been in disrepair for an excess of TWO YEARS before repair by Lakshore management was approved.
***Lakeshore management has issued notice that residents of Oakpark terrace were charged an increase in rent to pay for these road repairs directly.***

-Unjustified increases in rent at a rate of $20 per year for more than five years.

-Unjustified increases in rent on residents targeted by management negligence, age, mental illness and and medical distress which are in excess of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS more than other residents per month.
**Residents found paying in excess of $700 monthly and not living in new mobile homes while the standard lot rent fee is currently $623 a month.

-Threats of eviction for no arranging insurance provisions that residents can not access due to the low value of properties and issues with property infrastructure that are the responsibility of Lakeshore management and NOT renters to fix and maintain.

-Threats of eviction for structures on resident properties that were previously approved by Lakeshore management staff.

-CONTINUED sale of mobile homes by Lakeshore Management staff with are unsafe and deficient in structure from disrepair and neglect.

Several of these issues have been sighted by THIS article on Ride Safe:

This article concerns the same issues at another Lakeshore Managment property in Florida:

THIS broadcast by John Oliver also covers several issues that Lakeshore Management has been sighted for:

This is an issue involving severe violations of civil rights by Lakeshore Management and their staff concerning the Residents of OakPark terrace.

**Additionally it has been documented that while some residents are receiving these notices for violation claims on their property, there are properties with actual infractions, trash on property, vehicles parked on lawns and unapproved structures who have NOT received notices.

**The Majestic Oaks Neighborhood association remains a Dane county approved and verified neighborhood association with the right to organize, petition and serve residents of Oakpark terrace (current name of majestic oaks community) in the matters of community development, civil rights protection and information for residents.

**Lakeshore Management representatives have communicated to Oakpark Terrace residents that registered sex offenders living on Oakpark Terrace property were entitled to their constitutional rights but residents without such criminal records WERE NOT.

**Constitutional rights can not be preserved or stripped from any United States citizen by any entity, public or private.
Neither can these rights be granted to one party and taken from another as a basis for selective, special or designated right by any entity, public or private.
NO DOCUMENT of agreement, lease, NDO or otherwise contract exists between Oakpark Terrace, Lakeshore homes or individually between Lynn Speidel and ANY resident that negates or otherwise eliminates constitutional rights.
These rights also apply to LAKESHORE EMPLOYEES, not just the residents of Oakpark terrace.

The residents of OakPark terrace demand fair treatment and an end to all harassment.

This petition does not just represent the will and rights of Oakpark residents but the rights of ALL Americans to not be harassed or threatened without due process or accountability.

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