Equal housing rights for Oakpark Residents

Equal housing rights for Oakpark Residents

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Oakpark Terrace Residents started this petition to Lakeshore Management

It is understood by ALL parties involved that Lakeshore Management and the current Management of Oakpark Terrace Lynn Speidel have acted maliciously and without regard for ethics or the law concerning management of Oakpark Terrace, Maintenance, safety and health issues and treatment of residents..
These negotiations are an effort to remedy this issue in good will and better community development between residents and Lakeshore.

Below are the agreed upon terms and demands:


1- A standard rental rate for ALL residents of no more than $550.00USD.    

2- A proposal for a resident lead and Lakeshore co-funded committee (elected by residents) with the power to approve or reject evictions, service notices and schedule and be honored no less than three priority maintenance issues every six months or as soon as needed depending on the nature of the issue if it impacts health or safety to residents.  




1-The rent rate to be no more than $603.00USD for ALL residents.


2- No increase in the rate of rent for an interval no shorter than FIVE (5) years from 2019.


3- Any future increase in the rate of rent to be no more than $20.00USD.


4- Repairs to resident slabs (foundations with utility ports to and from the mobile home unit OWNED BY THE RESIDENT) and the water, sewer and electrical running from the park's property to slabs ARE the domain of Lakeshore to fix and maintain.
Anything above the slab running into or from a resident's mobile home to the slab is the resident's responsibility to fix and maintain.
Lakeshore will grant clemency to residents who purchased trailers with approval from lakeshore that were defective before purchase. Including extensions on maintenance issues with the resident's own trailer based on the resident's income and ability to reasonably service these issues so long as no health or safety issue is present.  Cosmetic issues ARE NOT exclusively a danger to health or safety.

Lakeshore will repair issues with new trailer installs that affected resident rental property spaces as well as the resident's own property and mobile home in any adjacent lot to newly installed mobile homes installed by Lakseshore.


5- ANY insurance requirement to be removed from the lease and replaced with a simple agreement that residents are responsible for any damage they may do to Oakpark property and Lakeshore/Oakpark is responsible for any damage THEY do to Mobile homes fully owned by Residents and the utility lines running to and from mobile homes at the slab.

Residents will not be required to have insurance on their own property unless they are running a commercial business from the property or are on a lease agreement and do not fully own their own mobile home.


6- Lakeshore will be given SIX (6) months from the first of the year (January 1st 2019) too repair current issues with sewer, water and electrical utility lines to slabs, the slabs/foundations themselves if in disrepair causing damage to the resident's mobile home and all above ground utility infrastructure and below ground utility infrastructure outside the resident's mobile home.


7- On the same six (6) month schedule as term 6, lakeshore must also install proper street lighting, lighting for the mail boxes and a canopy for the mail boxes and ALL electrical posts and other above ground utility posts so rain and snow no longer cause freezing damage to mail boxes or utility installs.


8- A statement of clarity that city, state and federal property fees and taxes are the responsibility of Lakeshore as the landlord and not the residents.


9- A clear definition of property rights and responsibilities between trailer owner, any resident leasing or not fully owning their trailer and the responsibilities and domain of Lakeshore with respect to either.

We expect prompt reply and action in this matter.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!