Lakeridge Junior High Colored Hair Dress Code

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Lakeridge Junior High has a section of the dress code about "unnatural hair colors" that is outdated and useless. Students at Lakeridge have been punished way to severely for a simple dress code violation, with many students being suspended and told that they can't participate in school activities because they have colored hair.

Students coloring their hair is a way of expressing themselves, and administration has no right to tell students what they can and can't do to their bodies. Colored hair isn't distracting in any way, and it is more of a disruption to the school environment when students are losing class time to be dress coded. 

If you ask a student attending Lakeridge Junior High right now if they think that colored hair is distracting, an overwhelming amount of them will say they would NEVER consider it a distraction. If colored hair detracts from the school environment, why aren't we dress coding brightly colored shirts, shoes, nails and other things? These are obviously more distracting than hair. 

I was dress coded for having about a half inch of colored hair at the bottom of my hair. It was practically invisble when it was down, and it hardly received more attention than something else I could have been wearing. I was told if I didn't cover my hair, I wouldn't be able to participate in end of the school year activities such as 9th grade graduation (in which I will be performing with the Jazz Band) and Lagoon day. I have never had any other violations of any kind to dress codes or rules at school, and simply because I have colored hair I could prevented from receiving awards and privileges I rightfully earned. I am not the only student who has been oppressed in this way, and I know of many who have been punished much more harshly than I have. 

And why? Because I chose to express myself. Because colored hair is a way that people express themselves. It's not a trend. It's the truth of our world, and by telling kids that they can't express themselves like this we are telling them that they have to give up control of their body to those who hold their power over them. 

Nobody likes this part of the dress code. Please stop oppressing our students and leave them to be free to express themselves.