Lower the tuition fees for international students

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Currently, Lakehead university has increased its tuition fees for international students up to 13% during a pandemic. Also Lakehead University admins have been referring to international students as ‘Cash cows’ and this took place during one of their senate meetings!

Lakehead University claims to be helping students during the pandemic, but this is quite the opposite. Many international students are struggling and may not receive any help from the Lakehead Relief Fund or CERB, adding thousands of dollars to their debt does not help them in any way. If any change were to be made, it should be a decrease during an online semester, as we do not have nearly enough access to the resources we are paying for.

During the recent events resulting from the pandemic, many students have been greatly affected. Due to the closing of borders, They were unable to travel back to their countries and be with their families. They have came across many unforeseen expenses being stuck in Canada, such as rent, food and utilities. Yes, the government is providing aid, but international students are not eligible for CESB. Those receiving CERB are using it to get by these few months without work, which only lasts 4 months, and many jobs have drastically cut back hours. Many of their parents/financial support persons back home have also come across lay-off, reduction in salaries, etc.

It is heartbreaking to add to the stress and financial strain that the students face. Some other universities have only made a 2-5% increase to cope with their financial situation, we do not understand why Lakehead University would increase it by the steep amount of 13%, or at all, during a pandemic.

The main reason we attend Lakehead University was because it was affordable. Many of my peers feel the same way. In this time of crisis, international students would appreciate it if there was no increase in tuition fees from 2019/2020.