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Opt-Out Option for LUSU Bus Pass

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Every year students at Lakehead University (Orillia) pay $108(+) for a 'LUSU 'U' Pass'. This pass allows students to ride the bus in the Orillia area for a lower price. Over an undergraduates 4 years they will pay over $400 for this pass, this includes drivers. Not only do drivers need to pay (a not lowered price) for their own parking-- $320 per school year OR $5 a day-- but now, they are also forced to pay for a bus pass that they do not use! 

This is unfair and unreasonable. Lakehead should work harder to negotiate a fair bus pass price with Orillia for students, rather than making students who don't even use the service pay for it. Students should have the ability to opt-out of this expensive option which would allow for more money to go to parking, gas, tuition, school books, food, etc. 

Save yourself money and sign the petition! 

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