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Lake Zurich Homeowners Against Commercial (Gas station/Gaming/CarWash/Retail) Development

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*** 7 PM, March 22, 70 E Main Street, LZ***

The existing Residential and Family friendly subdivisions in and around the area under discussion in Lake Zurich do not favor further commercial development. The village of Lake Zurich is proposing a plan to build 49 new, highly dense residential properties and some commercial properties including a GAS station with a CAR WASH and GAMING in it. This is right next to the Coventry Creek subdivision which is at the intersection of Route 22 and Quentin Road. The residents of this subdivision and at least FIVE other neighboring subdivisions are AGAINST this development and here are the various reasons as to WHY:

TRAFFIC: Route 22 and Quentin Road are extremely congested roads to begin with and are also the main thoroughfares connecting the village to the other suburbs. It takes more than 30 minutes to commute the 3.5 miles from Quentin Rd to Route 83 during rush hour, making these two roads major bottlenecks for the daily commuters. With increasing residential development happening in this area, a wider Route 22 and Quentin Road is now a need more than a want. IDOT plans to widen Route 22 by 2020 but there is no activity currently planned or scheduled: There is NO ROOM for further COMMERCIAL OR RETAIL development in this area.

GAMBLING:Damages the local economy by draining money and causing job-loss. A leading study from Australia in 2000 concluded that for every 80 video- gambling machines, $2 million was drained from and “damaged the local economy” each year.  Furthermore, it found that for every three video-gambling machines, two jobs were lost.  (Gambling:  Executive Summaries & Recommendations, p. 328, U. S. International Gambling Report, 2009)

*Video-Poker machines create few jobs and fewer good-quality jobs, and are not accompanied by any significant investment in the local economy.  (National Gambling Impact Study Commission Final Report)"

*Negative social costs include addiction, bankruptcy and crime (Source:

GAS STATION EFFLUENT: Commercial establishments like gas stations and car washes will generate large amount of effluent. The potential for groundwater contamination and loss of air quality - ground level ozone by gas fumes and hazards from petroleum products leaking into the ground is LARGE. Repeated exposure to gasoline (liquid or vapor) can cause lung, brain and kidney damage (NIH’s National Library of Medicine). A 2003-2004 study conducted in France documented a significant relationship between childhood leukemia and living near a gas station. In 2012, Brazilian researchers found that air quality was significantly degraded up to 150 meters (492 feet) from gas stations.
The proposed commercial property will be very close to some parts of the subdivision, especially to a children's playground. This causes serious safety concerns for children playing  there.

CAR WASH: The noise level of a car wash is over 80dB, a level at which prolonged exposure can cause hearing damage. (That’s like having a lawn mower running nearby all day, 7 days a week 365 days a year!) An accelerating diesel truck emits 114 dB and even 100 dB while idling. CEDS recommends a minimum separation of 300 feet between homes and late-night/all-night stores. 

PROPERTY DEVALUATION: A convenience store or gas station WILL lower the value of nearby homes.  One of the most plausible effects is on mortgages. Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insurance is not EVEN available for properties located within 300 feet of tanks capable of storing 1,000 gallons or more of gasoline or other flammable-explosive materials. Most gas station storage tanks have a capacity far in excess of 1,000 gallons.

 VIOLENCE: Convenience store hold-ups account for about 6% of all robberies in the community.

*Release of a variety of polluting materials that settle on parking lots and other impervious surfaces which then wash into nearby ground or surface waters with each rain.

*A California study noted a 50% increase in smoking among adolescents exposed to tobacco advertising during weekly visits to small grocery, convenience, gas stations or liquor stores

A Community Health Perspective in CA (  recommends a minimum 300-foot separation distance between gas stations and "sensitive land uses such as residences, schools, daycare centers, playgrounds, or medical facilities." The State of California is widely recognized as having some of the most effective air pollution control requirements in the nation.

BLIGHTING: Every community has boarded up stores and even entire blocks or shopping centers that have been abandoned.  These lost commercial opportunities are frequently poorly maintained, making them unattractive and unpleasant neighbors.  This is known as blight. One of the causes of blight is excessive competition. We have a number of local gas stations in the area and do not need any more.

Lastly, No one would want to buy a luxury home next to a Gas station and Retail.

 We are already battling the development of a High-Density Housing Subdivision in this area with the proposed development of 49 smaller homes on the remaining acreage (next phase)

*This will negatively impact the value of all our larger homes

*Several homes in the surrounding subdivisions are on well-water and flooding of nearby subdivisions is already occurring at a high rate. The high-density of the homes will saturate much of the land that currently acts as natural drainage and worsen the flooding issues.

In an earlier village meeting back in 2010, the Hawthorn Woods village mayor specifically prohibited commercial establishments like gas stations and car-washes. (ref: page 35, lines 8-15 of Mayor's oral transcript meeting Minutes 2010)

We DO NOT need such commercial establishments to be the new face of Lake Zurich.

In light of the above, the homeowners strongly feel the plan to develop further properties at the intersection of Route 22 and Quentin should be stopped immediately. This is not  the vision of Lake Zurich residents.


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