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Secure the future of our community with well-trained Board Members and a true Master Plan!

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For fifteen years, our Association has failed in its duty to properly maintain our common elements and set aside adequate reserves to renovate or replace aging facilities.  As a result, we are now faced with a $15,000,000 increase in replacement reserve costs, plus the cost of rebuilding our Clubhouse. As a result, annual reserve assessments that will soon more than double.

The volunteer Board members who have served Lake Wildwood Association over the years have generally acted with intelligence and in good faith, but sometimes without a clear understanding of what was required of them. Their most serious misstep has been an unwillingness to approve the assessments needed to properly maintain our facilities and insfrastructure or accumulate the reserves needed to renovate or replace aging amenities.  As a result, increased repair costs have been passed to a future generation of owners and the property values of all owners have been adversely affected.

Capital improvement planning between successive Boards has also been inconsistent, largely because the Board is reconstituted every year by an election, but also because not updated and implemented the approved Master Plan. 

A Master Plan that reflects a consensus of member preferences and priorities offers the most effective way to ensure continuity of thought and provide guidance to successive Lake Wildwood Boards.  Absent such guidance, Board decision making can devolve into advocacy for pet projects favored by a few individuals, which seldom generates the highest and best use of scarce Association resources.

We urge the Board to adopt specific RULES that require the training needed to prepare new Board Members for their complex and very specialized duties and require implementation of a Master Plan that's based on member preferences and priorities.  Without such policy guidance, the next Board . . . or the next Board . . . or the next Board could thoughtlessly reverse the responsible improvements this Board has implemented.

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