Covid Rates Going Up - Bring Back Online Schooling

Covid Rates Going Up - Bring Back Online Schooling

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Superintendent Paul Norton

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Started by Mateo Cuadra

To LTHS and Parents/Students

The picture above shows the number of cases in the last two days in Travis County and Total in Texas. +2,310 in T.C. and +53,990 In Texas.

With the recent spread of the new Covid strain, more and more kids are falling ill every single day. Personally knowing many kids and families that have Covid related issues, I’ve seen it and it’s terrible. The problem is not on the teachers or staff, the main problem is the students. As young adults we like to go out and explore, this is why the most cases are between the average high schoolers age and college students.

The solution is easy, why send your kid to a death zone? With the amount of cases going around, it’s safe to say that sooner or later they will get Covid if they don’t already have it. You can in fact get Covid more than once and it being a new strain that’s going around it’s much easier to catch the virus. Yesterday January 4th, 2022, there were 1,000,000 POSITIVE CASES.

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