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Lake Oswego School Board - Please Reconsider Your Decision to Expand Spanish Immersion

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Lake Oswego School Board,

We ask that you reconsider your vote to expand the Spanish Immersion program at the expense of the education of the other 98% of our students.

The Lake Oswego School Board has committed to expand Spanish Immersion beginning in Fall 2018 (a second strand of immersion classes grades K-5).  NO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IN OUR DISTRICT CURRENTLY HAS THE CAPACITY TO HOST THIS PROGRAM.  This expansion requires 2 classrooms in Fall 2018 and will require an additional classroom each year up to SIX CLASSROOMS TOTAL.   

The only way in which expansion can be achieved is by either:

  •  Displacing kids from their neighborhood school in order to make room for the new program within one of our schools (this could entail bumping children to another school temporarily or redrawing boundaries to move them to another school permanently).
  •  Reopening Palisades to house an immersion center: (Estimated cost of $875,000 per year not including teachers, books, technology, PE equipment, and needed upgrades and therefore drawing money away from other programs that benefit all students).   

We believe that both options are unacceptable as they come at the expense of the other 98% of students and go against our district’s motto:  ALL MEANS ALL.

We understand that the School Board voted to accept the recommendation by the World Language Task Force to expand immersion, study capacity,  and consider opening an immersion magnet school.  This task force consisted mostly of Spanish Immersion teachers and parents along with select district staff.  We do not feel that this task force represented the Lake Oswego school community nor did its recommendation represent our community’s priorities.

We also believe that Chair Wallin’s opinion supporting the decision to expand Spanish Immersion at either cost mentioned above because  “restricting access to this program is not consistent with our mission” is out of touch and focusing on the vision of the school board members and their unconditional support of an immersion program that enriches 2% of our district rather than focusing on the real needs of 7,000 students.  

We are community members and family and friends of the other 98% of LOSD students, and we would like you to reconsider your vote and instead allow Superintendent Dr. Heather Beck to oversee the repairs and rebuilding of our schools and continue to do the great work she is doing for ALL students.


Please note: Ignore donation requests. It is for, not LOSD. 

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