Petition Against the Regulation and Banning of Wakesurfing on Minnesota Lakes

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There are currently groups trying to regulate or even in some cases ban wakesurfing on Minnesota lakes. 

Many of these groups have started petitions, so we wanted to start one as well - to show how many of us surfers pledge to keep surfing - respectfully and safely.  If you are a wakesurfer who wants to keep surfing on your lake or river, opposes bans and regulations, and pledges to surf safely and respectfully this summer, please sign this petition!  

If you want to get more involved, consider joining the Midwest Wakesurf Association [MWWSA].  The MWWSA aims to promote safe and respectful wakesurfing.  Members of the MWWSA have access to in-person meet-ups and classes, as well as virtual video modules.  Your yearly membership dues make it possible for them to keep promoting their message. For more info check out: