Stop ruining Naru Street/Naru swimming reserve

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Swan Bay/Naru swimming reserve has been severely neglected and polluted. There is glass and hot coals from fires embedded in the sand constantly. There are burnt out cars weekly as well as rubbish being dumped every day. Many local residents have had several vicious dog attacks as well as on us. We have experienced wounds from unrestrained dogs as well as hundreds of dollars in vet bills from our pets having puncture wounds. There is rubbish and stolen items all throughout the area. There are needles, and drug paraphernalia around due to the illegal campers/thoroughfare. The road down is dangerous with people speeding and is unsafe for walkers. Illegal campers have been harassing some residents at times and several have set up camp in the bush surrounding the swimming spot. Neither the police or council will take responsibility and we are frustrated how it is being ignored. Please help by signing so we can keep this beautiful area clean and safe for all of us to use. I will be contacting the council with this petition if we can get enough signatures. So please help!