Bennett Park Foreshore: STOP council from planting out your recreational space!

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Do you enjoy the recreational space of Valentine's Bennett Park & Foreshore?  

The area is frequently enjoyed most days for picnics, swimming, sun bathing, wind surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, sailing and weddings. 

What Is This Petition About:
Lake Macquarie City Council without consultation with Valentine residents have undertaken to plant out the Southern end of Bennett Park/Foreshore with vegetation and sandstone blocks that will significantly restrict access to and enjoyment of this foreshore space for the above recreational purposes.

We are effectively petitioning to oppose and prevent any additional vegetation to our foreshore. Bennett Park is already planted out with vegetation from the boat ramp down to Green Point reserve, apart from this small opening 'effectively a mini beach' for locals to use.  Preventing easy access to our beautiful lake via this foreshore is disgraceful. 

How To Take Action?
Please sign this petition to let Lake Macquarie Council know that we want to maintain and keep the small section of open space from Bennett Park to the foreshore without planting additional vegetation, so we can all continue to enjoy this incredible area recreationally.

Thank you for your time and supporting the Valentine Community.