Allow Lake Heritage Residents to Hold an Annual Yard Sale

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The yard sale is a community activity enjoyed by both residents and non-resident locals. The yearly ability to transfer our trash to another man's treasure supports the community vision of a clean, well-kept property. The funds raised by residents paying to participate have a positive impact on our community. This is also an event that allows our residents to make extra money. At this time, the Board of Directors has denied Lake Heritage residents that opportunity.

To increase the funds raised, the Ski Club's proposal to add an admittance fee that lessens through the day would be applied to the annual yard sale. This would increase the funds raised, as well as disperse traffic throughout the day. In addition, I propose we add the ability for residents to have direct sales/business stands and food stands for a participation fee greater than the cost of a personal yard sale fee. This would increase the number of participants as well as the base funds raised. Furthermore, with their proposal to the Board of Directors this year, the Ski Club was going to coordinate with Adams County Regional EMS to have an ambulance on standby at the lake in case of medical emergency. Many suggestions and solutions were brought to the Board of Directors to no avail.

While some may be opposed to the yard sale for various reasons, a single day of self-sacrifice per year is not much to ask for event that can provide any type of revenue that benefits the overall community, no matter how much or how little the resulting dollar amount. While the specifics of how the yard sale functions can be decided on later, the true mission of this petition is that residents be allowed to have an annual community yard sale day sponsored by the Ski Club.

This petition is being started by a resident and is not on behalf of the Ski Club.

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