Update the Outdated Dress Code at LDHS

Update the Outdated Dress Code at LDHS

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Lexi J started this petition to Lake Dallas ISD School Board and

As of this year, the dress code at Lake Dallas High School has become more strict. 

The issues

  • Dress code is targeted at female students.
  • The dress code sexualizes our students. 
  • Thighs, shoulders, stomachs, and backs are not sexual but are being made out as something to be covered. These parts of the body have been labeled as "distractions."
  • Dress code limits self-expression and often targets those who aren't afraid to be expressive. 
  • The school picks and chooses when to consider the dress code. The school focuses on exposed skin, bra straps, and spaghetti straps on female bodies.
  • A male student won't be dress coded for sagging his pants, but a female will be dress coded for the visibility of a bra. In the dress code, undergarmets cannot be visible. 
  • The dress code isn't easy for everyone to follow, some people cannot afford to get new clothes every year, especially ones that fit in a "non-distracting" way. 
  • We all have different body types, something that is baggy on one, may be very fitting on another. There are cases where people are dress coded in this nature. 
  • It is summer in Texas, it is impractical for all female students to wear jackets and pants. 
  • The dress code contradicts itself, we can't wear clothes that fit too well, but we can't wear over sized clothing either. 


Dress codes in schools teaches female students early on to look at their body as a sexual object. Female students are taught that their education is less valued than the  education of male students. Multiple times a day, a female student is pulled aside to be talked to about the dress code. We are told we can cover up, wait for a change of clothes, or put on something provided by the school. While this is happening, valuable class time is being missed. We were taught to cover up because "boys will be boys." Many of the male students don't see an issue with what the girls decide to wear. We are here to learn. We are taught to be comfortable at school. However, we can't wear what we want without limitations, and we can't wear pajamas either. 


Adults are sexualizing minors. 

Grown men and women came together to decide what is and isn't distracting. The administrators walk around and stare at our young and developing bodies debating dress coding us. The male staff seems to be more stunned by what we're wearing than the male students. We are uncomfortable. Why are we covering up instead of educating the boys and men right from wrong?

My shoulders are not distracting. 

My midriff is not distracting.

My thighs are not distracting.

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