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Stop The Round Lake Road Extension 439 Connection

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*Demand No Build Option* On Round Lake Road Extension to 439 Connection!

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This so called "improvement", which will actually be a four lane, 55 mph highway, will prove to be devastating to our area. Significant issues such as fresh water contamination from surface water run off, from an additional 22,000 vehicles per day utilizing the roadway (numbers per county study docs), and the planned housing development will further add unnecessary pollutants into our aquifer. This new unwarranted road construction will destroy hundreds of acres of natural environment and wildlife habitat, not to mention completely ruin the lifestyle and property values of the residents adjacent to the proposed route who would potentially have a highway just feet from their properties, all in the quest for property tax dollars and to allow the City of Mount Dora to annex agricultural lands currently located within Lake County proper. This is dirty business folks, we need to stand together, protect our rights and make certain that the Lake County Commissioners and City Officials do right by us. Existing roadway projects such as SR44/CR44B and others should be completed as well as resurfacing existing roads prior to considering any New Roads.  

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