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Stop the panhandling and begging in Lake City!

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The begging in Columbia County is getting to be just ridiculous.. I have a soft spot for homelessness, mental illness and things like that but it's getting to be where my wife and I can't even leave the house without encountering a person begging us for money. I'm as broke as the next person, hell, I don't even have a stable job at the moment but still I don't beg on the street corner or approach others in parking lots asking or demanding change.

We've done things to battle starvation in Columbia County especially with the Blessing Box Project and believe me I don't mind buying someone food if their truly in need. However, when the beggars in this town start getting more aggressive as they have been recently the Lake City Police Department needs to step up and do something about it.

Just last night my wife and I decided to stop by Dairy Queen for dinner, as we get my son and daughter out of the car a homeless woman with a sheet over her head and a bag walks over to us asking for money. I tell her that we don't have any and she continues to ask for a cigarette and food. I ask her which one she needs and she replied with 'cigarette' my wife and I just walk off. As we go inside the restaurant she follows us inside and stares at us until my wife decided to just leave. I don't want my family to be scared to go somewhere because of people like this. I also saw another story this morning about the same woman we encountered at a Steak n Shake in Lake City being aggressive towards a girl and her boyfriend, knocking on her car door and blocking them from getting in their vehicle.. I always make it a point to show mercy on people but I won't hesitate to use my concealed weapons permit on any person threatening my family..

Please step it up Lake City Police Department and start dealing with these people, I know first hand that most of these people are on Meth and other hard drugs and can actually become dangerous to the community. I'm not saying all of these people are like that but I have family that live on the streets doing this and get the inside scoop every so often. I was shocked just recently to find out that there's a 'homeless woman' with 'cancer' that stands out in front of Walmart begging.. She doesn't have cancer supposedly she just shaved her head to make people feel bad for her. Did you know that these people make about $100 - $200 a day just standing by the road with a sign.. Really?

I'm not saying arrest homeless people or the people begging, I'm mostly asking to end the panhandling here and harassment that we deal with by some of these people daily! Can we make this an effort before someone gets hurt or it gets even further out of hand? Sign my petition to help end this problem, thank you!

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