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Extend the sidewalk from N. Oak Hills Road to Twin Pond Road

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Historically, a problem …

• Twin Pond Farms has 2 entrances off of Roberts Road, near River Road: N. Oak Hills Road and Twin Pond Road.

• There is no connection between the 2 entrances.

• Pedestrian traffic comprised of kids on bikes, dog walkers, joggers, moms and strollers etc., must use the shoulder of Roberts Road to get from one side of the neighborhood to the other.

And a new draw for pedestrian traffic …

• In 2014, Lake County will develop the Fox River Marina forest preserve; installing a trail from the Roberts Road and River Road intersection to the marina trails.

• Future plans include a trail system in the new preserve on the north side of Roberts, west of Twin Pond Farms.

• This is expected to draw more pedestrian traffic from Twin Pond Road to the River/Roberts intersection.

• There are 31 households in the Twin Pond Road “half” of the neighborhood.

• Twin Pond Road is within “easy” walking distance of the trails (0.2 mi).


• Also in 2014, the county will install a roundabout at Roberts Road and River Road and a sidewalk on the north side of a section of Roberts Road at the roundabout. This sidewalk will extend to the Oak Hills Road entrance.

• TPF asked the county to consider extending the sidewalk to Twin Pond Rd. during the Roberts Road roundabout construction.  The county agrees but can only install a sidewalk in the construction zone which does not quite extend to Twin Pond Road.

• The Village of Lake Barrington will have to decide to approve and fund the construction of the remaining distance of sidewalk.

Issues and Ideas from the Village

 1. The County has tagged the trees that will be need to be removed for the sidewalk installation and the Village is concerned the removal of these trees will impact the streetscape.

2. The Village is asking why the sidewalk cannot be placed on the South side of Roberts Road.

Comments from TPF

1. TPF aligns with the Village in the desire for a natural, tree lined, “country setting” streetscape.  The most impact to the streetscape will be the roundabout and road construction itself and the removal of the trees due to the road construction. Tree removals due to the sidewalk are incremental. This exact activity (road construction and sidewalk installation) is already planned for the N. side of Roberts Road north of the roundabout which is along TPF property.

2. A sidewalk on the south side of Roberts Road, while providing a safe place to walk down the street, still requires a street crossing at the Twin Pond Road entrance where there is no intersection or crosswalk.


• TPF has analyzed the impact of the tree removal from the homeowner side of the tree line and determined, while there are three large trees that will be removed, there will still remain a significant barrier (audibly and visibly).

• From the street side, there will be an impact to the “canopy” that hangs over Roberts Road, however most of the impact will be due to the road and roundabout construction. TPF believes there will still remain a green tree lined road and a pleasant natural streetscape.

• TPF will offer a plan to homeowners affected by the removal of the trees due to the sidewalk construction to plant new trees to build up the natural area impacted by the removal of the 3 large trees.


TPF requests the board approve extending the sidewalk from Oak Hills Road to Twin Pond Road.


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