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On Fridays We Have Pep

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For the first time in decades at LBHS the Homecoming Pep Assembly will not be on the same day as the Homecoming Game. Our Pep Assembly has been moved to a Wednesday.

As of late September select LBHS staff have succeeded in unilaterally moving the scheduled Friday, October 13th Homecoming Pep Assembly to Wednesday, October 11th. This change places the Pep Assembly on the same day as the Practice SAT (a mandatory school-wide testing event), eliminating the traditional minimum day. Though this adds hours to the school-day (an incentive for staff), the effects of this change are devastating for any student interested in promoting school spirit.

The two most clear issues here are these:

  • There Is Nationwide Standardized Testing the Same Day
  • The Homecoming Game Is Not on the Same Day as the Pep Assembly

This creates two days where students are expected to bring school spirit, and yet this change makes it impossible to have any on either. That Wednesday we will be encouraged to wear class colors and to "have pep" come the assembly, placed conveniently after four hours of scantron testing. Students will be exhausted and the chances of any students wearing uncomfortable, though spirited clothes are slim. Out of the ordinary clothing or props are widely regarded as a hindrance during standardized tests (if not cheating), so having school spirit that Wednesday could cost you your chance at a PSAT/NMSQT scholarship.

And for students who don't have testing that day, Seniors in particular, there will be little incentive to even stay for the assembly. Staff members have cited authoritative new attendance "strategies" as a way to keep students from ditching, but being forced to stay at the assembly may "ruin the hype" in just the same way ditching would.

The Friday of the Homecoming Game faces similar issues. Students may be encouraged to wear class colors again, but over the two days between the Pep Assembly and the Game, any lasting excitement will have died out. Dances from the Homecoming Court will be forgotten by the time the couples walk the red carpet in much the same way new ASB cheers won't last until that Friday. Friendly class rivalries and Pep Assembly games will seem entirely disjointed from their corresponding floats that may only debut three days later.

This strain for four days of continuous pep is an impossible one. Students won't remember the Pep Assembly by the time of the Dance, and any intermediate activities (say, Senior Breakfast/Sunrise) have been wiped out by glaring scheduling flaws. The ASB may not even have the time to prepare the Homecoming festivities with this shortened time-frame.

Please consider that your voice could move our Pep Assembly back to its place on the Homecoming Friday, and save us from another misjudgment by over-zealous LBHS staff.



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