NO to the Laguna Beach School Calendar Change

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It’s Not Too Late to Stop This School Calendar Change.

Please sign this petition to let the Laguna Beach School Board know that you and your family are against their proposed calendar changes that would have our kids going back to school as early as August 22. This would mean sending our kids back to school when the weather is hottest, town is crowded, traffic is the most congested, students are still working summer jobs, and the festivals are in full swing.

The school board recently administered a school calendar survey to the community and the results showed that the majority of Laguna Beach parents are against the school board’s proposed calendar changes. However, even after seeing how many in the community are opposed to this, the board is still aggressively pushing to pass these changes.

Some of the board’s reasons for the calendar change include extending Thanksgiving break to a full week, finishing the high school semester before Christmas break, and a belief that it could benefit some of the high school students that are taking AP classes.

While we want our children to have every chance to succeed, we also want what is best for their overall well-being. We should look at the overall picture, the values of our community and consider how this could negatively affect our community as a whole. We should also be concerned about the impact it will have on ALL 3000 K-12 Laguna students and their families, and not base these changes on how it might affect a small percentage of the overall students.

In addition, no one has done a study to determine how this could negatively affect Laguna's businesses and pre schools.

The school board will be reconvening in late August to discuss their latest proposed calendar changes. Please help us show them that so many in our community care about our summer break and are passionately against this unnecessary change to a much earlier and disruptive start to the school year.

Solutions: Look to many of the top schools in the country that start after labor day and are even working to push their start dates back to after labor day.

Of the 20 Top public school districts in the country, half start after labor day or August 29th at the earliest, and these districts aren't even beach districts with heavy summer tourism. If these top school districts can do it, why can't we?

Ohio recently introduced a bill to push their school start dates to after Labor day.





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