Remove the toll gate on Lekki Ikoyi Bridge .. Too much traffic

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The Lekki Ikoyi bridge was created to reduce traffic congestion but the toll gate has increased significantly the traffic in the Lekki environs achieving the opposite. To what purpose is creating a bridge then erecting an obstacle to block user access and creating even more traffic than before the bridge was erected  The Toll should be removed as the bridge which was built using public funds should by now have recouped the cost of the bridge and more.  The toll is more a nuisance as it increases traffic by over 45 mins which results in a loss of economic activities that could have been achieved if thousands of commuters do not have to waste time in traffic.  Also consider the wastage of fuel, environmental pollution and loss of business to all businesses on that strip of road whose customers can no longer assess their stores and business premises.  It is time to remove the toll so Lagosians can truly benefit from the erection of the bridge.  To what purpose is setting up a bridge then blocking it off with an obstacle that makes it inaccessible.  That does not add any value at all.  Remove the toll!!!